Frequently Asked Questions

How do I post something?

Click the ‘+’ button in the middle of the bottom nav bar. Then, choose an image from your camera roll or take a new picture. Optionally, you can crop the photo, as well as turn it into a meme. Once the cropping/meming is complete, you will see your final post. You can then add a caption, tags, and a category. There will also be a toggle option to allow the post to be challenged for money (you must have your identity & age verified in order to play cash games).



How do I verify my identity?

Before you deposit your funds for the first time, you will be prompted to fill out some information. This includes your real name, email address, date of birth, address, and country of citizenship. Once that is completed and verified using 3rd party ID verification system, you will be able to make deposits! You only have to provide this info once, and it will not be made publicly available to anyone else.



*Cash games are only available in the United States for users over 18 with the following states being restricted: 

Arizona, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, Montana, South Carolina, and South Dakota.


We hope to allow cash games in other countries soon. We are always staying up to date on the applicable laws in all states and will update where we allow cash games accordingly, whether that is allowing or restricting said state.




Why do I need to verify my identity?

In order to process any transactions, we have to make sure we are complying with Know-Your-Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) laws. This information is required by our underwriting bank and payment processors. We also use it to verify you are at least 18 years old, as any user under 18 is not legally permitted to play for money.


How do make a deposit?

During the sign-up process, or when accessing the deposit function within the app, you will be prompted to deposit funds into your PlayMe wallet (after being verified). Select the amount you wish to deposit. Then, choose your payment option:


-ACH (bank account)- You will need to put in your Account & Routing numbers. This can be found in your online banking portal (mobile app or website), or on your checks.


-Credit/Debit Card - Input your card information as requested


You will be able to save your payment option so you don't have to input it every time you want to deposit funds. We do not know or store your full payment information in our systems, as it is encrypted and tokenized. We are only able to see the last 4 digits of your card or bank account number.



How do I challenge a post?

Click the 'Challenge' button on a post. You will be prompted to add a post from your current list (My Posts) on the app or may upload from your device (Upload New Post). A notification will be sent to the player you challenged, and they can accept or decline the challenge. Whoever has more votes after 24 hours, wins.

You can challenge any post from another user's profile by clicking on the image and then click on the 'Challenge' button underneath the image. Or by clicking on any photo in a challenge - the 'Challenge' button will be underneath the photo.


How do I know if a post can be challenged for money?

Posts that can be challenged for money will have a '$' icon next to the 'Challenge' button. Once you tap 'Challenge', there will be an additional area to add an entry fee. Once you input your desired entry fee, the app will display the prize amount. The minimum entry fee is $1 and the maximum is $20. If you have sufficient funds in your PlayMe balance, the money will be pulled from there. If you do not have sufficient funds in your PlayMe balance, the challenge will be sent without an entry fee.


After the 24-hour time limit expires, we will send the winnings to the winner's PlayMe balance. If there is a tie, entry fees will be returned to both users in full.



What fees does PlayMe take?

Currently, our fee structure is:

  • $1 - $20: 15%

*Example: A $10 challenge rewards the winner with $17, $3 goes to PlayMe



Why can I only withdraw my money once a month?

It costs us the same amount of money every time someone transfers funds, whether it's $1 or $100. If we initially allow unlimited withdrawals, we may not be able to continuously support the platform. As our user base and transaction volume expands, we expect to increase your # of monthly withdrawals.



How do I vote for a post?

Click the vote button underneath the post, dingus.



Can I invite someone to challenge a post I made?

Yes! After making a post, a list of players you follow will appear. You may click on any of the users, or search for someone specific to send an invite to. You can also go back to any post you’ve made in your profile, tap it, and then click the ‘Challenge Invite’ button below the post to send an invite at any time. This invite will send directly to their notifications, where they will then be prompted to challenge your post. Like any other challenge, you must accept or decline to activate the challenge.



How do I find people I know on the app?

Click the menu tab from the bottom navigation bar. Then, click on the ‘Discover Players’ option. Here, you will be able to view & search all players on the app, as well as players in your contacts (you must give PlayMe permission to access your contacts). This will display any of your contacts who already have a PlayMe account. Alternatively, you can search for players from the search bar on the Vote & Play Feeds.



Where do I find all my past activity?

All your past posts, challenges, votes, win/loss record, etc. can be accessed in your profile. Your profile can be accessed from the menu tab at the bottom right of the screen.



How do the filters work?

Vote Feed: This displays challenges for you to vote on. You can set it to Recent (all challenges on the app in reverse chronological order), Popular (most popular challenges on the app), or Fan of (challenges of people you follow in reverse chronological order). 


Play Feed: This is where you go to find posts to challenge. It displays individual posts on the app, which can be set to Recent, Popular, Fan of (just like with the Vote Feed).


Tags: You can search for a tag and apply it, choose one of the trending tags, or select a tag from your search history.  This will apply to your feed (Vote or Play) to display any posts or challenges that use that tag. If you have a tag applied and switch the feed to Popular, it will display popular posts/challenges that use that tag. The same applies to Fan of: It will display posts/challenges of people you follow that use that tag.


Categories: You can also filter by category (e.g. Funny: Memes Encouraged). This will have the same effect as explained with Tags above.


Players: Here you can search for specific players. Once you choose a player, it will filter the feed to display that user's posts or challenges.


*You are able to set a default for your Vote & Play feeds by tapping the star next to the respective option. For example, if you want your Vote feed to display 'Popular' every time you open the app.



What if I see something inappropriate?

You can report any post by clicking on the ellipses (three gray dots) next to the post, and then press report. All reported posts will be filtered through our software and taken down by our admins if it is deemed to be breaking our community guidelines, which can be accessed from your settings. You may also choose 'Hide this post' if you no longer want to see it in your feed.


If you feel you need to block another user for any reason, you may go to their profile and block them by clicking on the ellipses (threed gray dots) in the top right of their profile. If you wish to unblock any user, you may do so by accessing your account settings --> blocked users. You may also unblock them directly on their profile.


What if I find something wrong with the app?

You can access the ‘Report Bugs & Send Feedback’ option from the menu tab. Please explain in detail what is wrong with the app, or what you would like to see incorporated into the app in the future. We read everything and appreciate your feedback!

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