Community Guidelines

Welcome to the PlayMe™ Community! You, the player, will ultimately make PlayMe what it is based on the content you post, challenges you participate in, and the interactions you have with fellow players. These guidelines have been put in place to ensure all players the best possible experience, and guide PlayMe towards being a fun and good-natured platform for everyone. Our dedicated content moderators, automation built into our software, and you, will enforce these guidelines. Every player will have the ability to report posts for breaking any of the guidelines. You may also block an abusive user, as well as hide objectionable posts from your feed. If a player is a repeat offender, their account may be subject to suspension or removal at our sole discretion. Your use of the PlayMe application is also subject to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Feel free to send feedback and report bugs within the app, or leave a review in the app store. We are always open to suggestions on how to better PlayMe. 


1. No sexually explicit content, including nudity: Pretty obvious, don’t post overly erotic content. There are plenty of other places you can go to do that.


2. No Gore, Mutilation, Bestiality, etc.: Don’t post anything showcasing violence, mutilation, or torture to a human being or animal.


3. No hate speech, abuse, or harassment: Don’t encourage or promote hate in regards to race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender, age, etc. 


4. No Spam: No clickbait, affiliate linking, and so on. Don’t attempt to deceive other users for any reason.


5. No posts condoning violent or illegal behavior: This includes but is not limited to rape and domestic abuse, child abuse, intense violence or death, or a direct threat of violence to others.


6. No Cheating: In any competition, there are always people who feel the need to cheat to win. Don’t be that person. That means no bots or any automated accounts made to strictly vote in your favor in a challenge. You will find it very difficult to cheat, as you aren't able to log out if you are in a live challenge. You also can only sign up through phone number & are allowed one account per phone number, so users are not able to create many accounts. 


7. No posting others’ personal information: Don’t post someone else’s phone number, email address, social media accounts or any other personally identifiable information without their consent.


8. Don’t post copyrighted material: If you didn’t create it, or own it, don’t post it. It’s more satisfying to win a challenge with your own work anyway; nobody likes or appreciates a copycat. Reference the Intellectual Property Section of our Terms of Use if you believe someone is infringing on your copyright or trademark.


*If you break any of the guidelines while playing for money, your entry fee will be forfeited and the challenge will be removed. Your account will be subject to temporary or permanent suspension. 


**These guidelines are subject to change. Please check back periodically to ensure you are not breaking any guidelines. NOTE THAT APPLE IS NOT INVOLVED OR AFFILIATED WITH THE CONTESTS IN ANY WAY.

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